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Retrofitting a 25-year-old Apartment

When our clients approached us with their tiny two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Bangalore city, we decided that it was a challenge worth learning from. The building was old and dilapidated, and we knew that it would come with a host of unexpected problems that would need to be addressed as and when we dug deeper into the project.

Designing for Space Optimisation

Zeitgeist took a deep dive into understanding the building, structure, and its limitations before redesigning the entire layout.

What struck us was that the apartment had a sizeable outdoor extension that could be treated like a mini terrace and with loads of sunlight entering the main areas of the space – this became our focal point.

Squaring out the facade with large French windows and a skylight allowed for a sunny living and dining space with a beautiful view. We reworked the layout, moving the kitchen to one of the balconies, reclaiming the other balcony into the bedroom and eliminating one bedroom completely. We created a “modular” guest room which otherwise acted as the TV room that seamlessly integrated as an extension to the living room space. The bathrooms, which earlier opened out into the living room, were redesigned to open privately into the bedrooms instead. This changed the entire feel of the apartment making a 900 square foot space seem almost like a 1400 square foot apartment.

We used large muted stone tiles to maximize the feeling of space and created one feature wall in bright bisazza tiles in each bathroom. The master bedroom was designed with a “step-in” wardrobe and ample interior light. A lounger with inbuilt storage was designed to allow the couple to store heavy linen below a beautifully carved out sunny reading space by a large window.  Keeping the apartment neutral, the couple was able to bring in pieces of both, old and new furniture to infuse the feeling of ‘home’.

The Proof of the Pudding

The real validation for Zeitgeist came when the family decided to put the space on rent, as their needs had grown. They put the little gem on the market only to have it swiftly picked up for double the market price!

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