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We are a collective of design thinkers and strategists committed to elevating and enhancing human experiences.



Zeitgeist Design and Development Pvt. Ltd. Was founded in 2013 by designers Madhuri Rao and Raoul Parekh. Their vision was to create a one stop shop for a multitude of industries that needed to integrate the value of design into their processes. The idea was to position Zeitgeist at the epicentre of design strategy and management to provide the market with unmatched solutions in value driven design and thinking from a variety of different design disciplines.

Good design is...

Well researched

Reliable, robust, relevant, authentic and intelligent.


Employing a worldly view and individual perspective.

User Centric

Keeping people at the heart of the process.


An embodiment of the spirit of the time.

Developed in the now, yet relevant in the future.


Innovative solutions that don’t give rise to more problems.


How We Do It


Feel the problem through the eyes of the person experiencing it, for to merely see and hear is not enough.


Use macro and micro perspectives to examine a problem. Nothing exists in isolation.


Filter through the findings keeping in mind usability, feasibility and viability, to reveal the crux of the problem.


Develop multiple innovative solutions, with appropriate representations, to tackle the problem at hand.


Reduce risk and optimise resources by enabling visualisation and testing, to facilitate robust and effective delivery.


Collaborate with the right partners to execute solutions in the most effective manner, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to deliver value.


The Tools We Use

Research & Relevance

We never underestimate the power of deductive analysis in helping us understand the intricacies of a problem against the backdrop of its larger context.

Ideation & Imagination

We don’t believe in limitations of the mind. We push the boundaries of our understanding of limitless possibilities.

Empathy & Communication

If we do not completely immerse ourseleves in another’s perspective, we cannot truly understand. If we do not truly understand, we cannot solve. Clear understanding needs effective communication.

Collaboration & Co-creation

Different people = Different strengths. There is synergy in productively bringing a collective of minds together for a common purpose.

Strategy & Foresight

To see beyond the immediate and plan for it with creativity allows for confident and dynamic decision-making

Innovation & Technology

When we apply innovative thought and adopt appropriate technology, solutions become more effective and experiential breakthroughs can be achieved

The Team That Makes It Happen