COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Resource

#Break the Chain

We’ve heard it.  It’s unprecedented.  It’s COVID-19.  And it’s here to stay.


Over the last few months, we have seen a wildfire of infections as we attempt to save lives and livelihoods. In the desperate attempt to return to normal, we often forget the seriousness of this disease and the devastating impact it can have on our lives without proper attention and care.

In response to COVID-19, Zeitgeist is offering the business community free downloadable posters as part of our awareness campaign #breakthechain, to nudge small behavioural shifts at the workplace to enhance safety and security.


Human habitual behaviour is hard to break and sometimes we tend to forget the small things that will make a difference in fighting this pandemic. The campaign has been initiated to help us help each other as we attempt to regain control of our lives and our communities amidst the outbreak. We feel this communication was especially important for the workplace as many do not have a choice in returning to work to stabilize their lives, despite growing concerns of Covid-19.


The poster set addresses Workplace Hygiene, Washroom Hygiene, and Caution Instructions in and around the office.  The artwork comes with printing instructions that can be executed by any local printing company. In the absence of a professional printer, the organization can print these using any printing machine at the office.

– These can be printed in A4 and A3 sizes.
– Zeitgeist recommends getting it done at professional printers like Printo
– Please use 100 GSM  A3 vinyl sticker paper to increase longevity and impact.

Covid-19 Workplace Safety Resources

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