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Decor Trends 2018 - Earthy Neutrals


Earthy Neutrals are shades inspired by the colours of nature – forests, soil, stones, the bark of a tree or the colours of autumn leaves. These shades are a popular 2018 decor trend and lend a timeless feel to a space. They even pair well with accessories made of natural material and allow for accent pops through cushions, curtains, or that bold statement chair.

The greige palette in this bedroom designed by Zeitgeist drew inspiration from the pebbles by a stream and is complemented by a jute rug, antique leather accent chair, recycled wooden cupboards and sideboard, a rattan lamp shade and stone vases.

Remember, keeping the more expensive elements in your space neutral gives you the flexibility of upgrading the not so expensive accessories more frequently, allowing you to change the way the space feels without it being a hard hit on your wallet!

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