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Minimalism Meets Practicality

When Zeitgeist was approached by an eminent couple to design the interiors of their high-end 3-bedroom apartment in central Bangalore, they gave us a very clear brief – they wanted a minimal, decluttered space that would also allow for ample, but disguised storage.

Zeitgeist’s design aesthetic is warm minimalism, so from a design aspect, it was a perfect match.

Customisation With A Purpose

We took all the information garnered through several discussions with the clients and their daughter, and converted it into highly customised, functional design.


The wardrobes, TV consoles, walk-in closets, beds, bedside furniture, study table, entrance storage, dining room console and wine cooler were all customised as per the clients’ specific needs.


For example, when it came to the dining room console, the clients wanted to store just cutlery in the top drawer and heavy crockery in the lower drawers. We incorporated measurements and specific hardware to withstand the weight accordingly.


We also integrated disguised storage spaces with clean lines near the front door, in the kitchen, within the TV consoles and in the walk in closets in all the bedrooms.


A column positioned right in the middle of the living room threatened to pose a design challenge for us. But when we learnt that the clients were voracious readers and owned a lot of books, we turned what could have been an eyesore into a modern, vertical bookshelf – an interesting design feature that also served a functional purpose.


The clients are also avid art collectors and their daughter is an artist as well. So before creating 3D renders for them, we documented all their artwork and incorporated them into the 3D visualisations by locating, positioning and pairing them throughout the apartment, using our sophisticated design and 3D visualisation software platforms. The clients were able to see exactly how their prized artwork would look in their new home – this was Zeitgeist’s proud “TLC” finishing touch!


Such customisation and attention to detail ensured that the entire apartment and the furniture incorporated into it utilised the available space in a prudent manner, without compromising on the desired design aesthetic.

An End To End Solution 

Zeitgeist believes in giving its clients a hassle free experience, so besides undertaking space planning, colour palette options, furniture layout and selection, material suggestion and entire project execution for this project, we also positioned ourselves as the single point of contact for the client, for the following services that we undertook as well:


● fixed furniture design and execution

● procurement

● vendor management


We completed the project within the specified time period of 4 months from the start of work to its completion.


Zeitgeist derives pride in delivering design that is customised, pays attention to detail and requires us to go the extra mile to ensure that a space embodies the client’s vision, as well as represents who they are.


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