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We are a collective of design thinkers and strategists committed to elevating and enhancing human experiences.


What We Do

We partner with visionaries to create and deliver diverse design-integrated services, to build impactful and relevant businesses, brands and environments.

We don't build brands, we create businesses.

We don't design spaces, we design experiences.

We don't just execute ideas, we deliver impact.

Why We Do What We Do

Our core idea is not to sell goods and services , but to extend a valuable and enriching way of life to all our fellow beings. The Zeitgeist Community is home to designers, strategists, business developers and  people from many eclectic backgrounds. With our solution and strategy driven mind-set we aim to add value. We engage in collaborative problem solving with the aid of our design thinking hats. Every limitation is an opportunity and every creation is a chance to give back to our community.
  • Enrich the community with design

  • Promote a solution and strategy driven mindset

  • Engage in collaborative problem solving

  • Use design thinking to empower individuals and businesses

  • Add value to our people and our planet


How We Do It


Feel the problem through the eyes of the person experiencing it, for to merely see and hear is not enough.


Use macro and micro perspectives to examine a problem. Nothing exists in isolation.


Filter through the findings keeping in mind usability, feasibility and viability, to reveal the crux of the problem.


Develop multiple innovative solutions, with appropriate representations, to tackle the problem at hand.


Reduce risk and optimise resources by enabling visualisation and testing to facilitate robust and effective delivery.


Collaborate with the right partners to execute solutions in the most effective manner, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to deliver value.

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More Than Waiting For The Bus

3D Visualization, Design Strategy, Space Design

Project Tranquil

3D Visualization, Design Strategy, Space Design


Design Management, Design Strategy

Flames of the forest

Brand Strategy, Identity Design

Villa Isla

3D Visualization, Business Strategy, Design Strategy, Identity Design, Space Design

JW Marriott

Design Management, Design Strategy


Design Strategy, Identity Design, Space Design

Fashion Harbour

Brand Strategy, Identity Design


Identity Design

Bangalore Identity

Brand Strategy, Identity Design


3D Visualization, Design Strategy, Space Design


Design Strategy


Brand Strategy, Identity Design


Brand Strategy, Identity Design

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